My name is Petra Bigeschke, born in 1960, born in Cologne.

The painting met me again for the first time 19 years ago. I painted children's pictures for my first grandchild. After that, it became a hobby that I enjoy until today.
The first pictures include children's pictures, watercolor and much more.
Through the program "Joy of Painiting" by Bob Ross, I became aware of painting in oil. The enthusiasm seized me and I began to paint landscapes in oil. I used the "wet in wet" technique of Bob Ross.
Here I created my first landscape watercolors.
Since then many pictures have been taken. But other styles got my attention. In many directions, I have explored myself and I like to paint landscapes, kitchen pictures, animal pictures, flowers and surreal as well as portraits in my own interpretation.
With the pictures, I was able to inspire my environment and so emerged commissioned work to template.
In the years of my painting I have found my own style as well as my own style. In my pictures I bring the reality together with my fantasy world.
Nobody needs to understand my pictures. People should just look and feel my pictures. For all images are lifeless until someone stands before them, looks at them and in their imagination, brings them to life.


Of course, I also paint pictures in a different style, when the customer comes to me with certain ideas.

For the orders, I also accept small restoration orders. Since 2017, I've also gained a badge. Since my quotation - Welness for the soul - means, in turn fits my identification Yin and Yang. I've already used this character in one of my pictures (time out). Since I practice it also Welness for the soul, I will take over this sign in my pictures starting this year.


If you would like to know more about me and my pictures, browse a bit in my pictures. I wish you a lot of fun!